Members meet one weekend during the month to network, talk about the craft, gear, technology, current projects, or other interests.


Pitch Events


Pitch events have multiple purposes.  The Sacramento Film Project (The Project) makes films. We either make them for our own distribution or in collaboration with a member filmmaker for their distribution purposes.  Members pitch their script or story concept with the intent of gaining interest from members who will help make the story into a film, either for The Project or for themselves.  Films made for The Project are based on volunteer efforts. Teams formed to make films outside of The Project are encouraged to negotiate their own terms for contributing to a project.




Workshops will focus on developing projects and training through lectures, demonstrations, and hands-on exercises. Story Development & Screenwriting, Camera & Lighting Basics, Location Sound Recording, Casting & Directing Actors, Budgeting & Production Scheduling, and Editing.




One of two types of filmmaking events will occur regularly.   The first type is a speed film challenge day where participating members form teams and make films within a span of 8-10 hours. The challenges will have a theme that is provided at the start of the challenge along with instructions for submitting the challenge films.  Cash and other prizes are awarded at the Mixer events. In the other type of event, members are invited to participate in the production of a film (or video) being made by The Project.  All skill levels are welcome.




The Sacramento Film Project will host various contests throughout the year to highlight skills needed to make films and will include writers, directors, producers, cinematographers, sound, lighting techs, music  composers and art directors. 




The Sacramento Film Project will host screenings to showcase films made by The Project and its members.